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For a long time, Portugal was one of the super powers of modern Europe. In those days, the Portuguese were great ship builders, explorers and navigators. This is why they were among the first European countries to acquire colonies in Africa, South America and parts of Asia. Portugal has lost some of its former glory but it is still an important European country and this is why some people want to acquire portugal citizenship.

Ways you can get Portugal citizenship

There are different ways of becoming a citizen of Portugal so the option you take depends on your circumstances. Your method of getting the citizenship of this country also depends on the laws of the land so you have to work within the law to ensure that you get the citizenship legally. Some of the ways you can get Portuguese citizenship are discussed below.

Citizenship for children born outside Portugal

Underage children who are born to Portuguese parents are eligible for citizenship. The process is quite simple and does not take a long time. As long as one or both parents is a Portuguese citizen, the parents can begin the process by presenting evidence of their Portuguese nationality. The next step is to register the birth of the child with the Civil Registry Office of Portugal. Once it is confirmed that the documents are genuine and that the child or children are below 18 years of age, they will get the papers that will make them full citizens of Portugal.

Citizenship by marriage

You can also become a Portuguese citizen if you get married to a Portuguese man or woman. In this case, the marriage has to be considered legal under the law of Portugal. The relevant document here is the marriage certificate but this document does not make citizenship automatic. The Portuguese authorities may carry out some investigations to make sure that the marriage was not contracted for the sole purpose of obtaining Portuguese nationality. Once it is established that nothing fishy is going on, you will definitely get citizenship.

Citizenship by naturalization

Another way you can become a citizen of Portugal is by the process of naturalization. In the case, you are an adult and you have a different nationality already. Since the law allows you to have dual nationality, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship. If you meet the necessary conditions, you will definitely get citizenship. Some of these conditions include living in Portugal for a certain number of years. It also helps your case if you are gainfully employed and you have no criminal record.

Other methods of obtaining a Portugal citizenship

In some cases, you can be granted citizenship if you have invested in the country or if you have rendered vital service to Portugal. Citizens of former colonies of Portugal can also become citizens if they meet certain conditions. Some of these countries are Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.

Final word

Becoming a Portugal citizen is quite easy if you go about it the right way. Just get the right documents and apply to the relevant Portuguese authority. This is all it takes to become a citizen of Portugal.

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